Cheer for Italy in the match against Covid-19, a challenge where everybody can take the field.
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It’s our duty

Football teaches us this: when a great team like the national team is in trouble, the support of the fans makes the difference. At a time when an entire nation is in difficulty it is out duty - of the national team and of the supporters - to get out there and support it with concrete actions, with real heart.

The Italian national football team have always been able to count on the support of the fans. Now we are cheering for Italy in the match against Covid-19. A challenge in which everyone can take the field, with real heart providing concrete support to those who have been most affected.

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Help us support
those who never give up.

With Laps Foundation donated the first €200.000
to the Italian Red Cross

Thanks to the donations of over 1.800 people, Laps Foundation has raised 325.000 euros to help the Italian Red Cross to face the Covid-19 emergency.
200.000 euros have already been invested to strengthen the distribution of basic necessities for those in need, but this would not be possible without the contribution of thousands of volunteers and operators who are working non-stop. We have achieved a great goal, but we still need everybody's help.